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What is Wall shelf ?

Wooden Wall mounted shelves have make an important role to make utilize your empty wall space  accessory  for modern furniture households. buy wall shelves from a different variety of wall mounted  shelves, racks and plant hangers online in jaipur.

A creative way to utilize in beautiful manner your home wall space. wall shelves are just a exquisite furniture piece to enhance the looks and make the aspect of the walls  eye catchy.

The adjustable living room wall shelf are available in an huge different patterns of styles on walldecore4u.

every other piece of furniture is next level designed. one of the things that intermix form and function perfectly in every look of the wood is the solid MDF wood wall shelves.

Wooden wall shelf available online at Walldecore4u are made out  of  best quality solid MDF and engineered wood material in different shape, patterns, designs and colors.

A wall shelf can be adjusted your collection in the best possible manner.

Buy Wall Shelves Online

Along With the greatest new range of wall decor, walldecore4u  brings you options from insulated, contemporary, modern, trendy, and royal designs.

Buy it for home or office, you will find a beautiful furniture piece for every place, right from online store to floating shelves online.

wood wall shelves are also available under reasonable price, discounted Rs. 1,000.

If your choice is jammed between a couple of designs, you can search your need manually which suits your room  perfect  make easy your confusion with the help of filters.

You can apply filters such as price material, number of shelves, color, and discount.

  1. Rectangle wooden shelves

A wooden rectangle shelf can be help for represent your achievements , victory trophies,  antique items etc. it extend your wall appearance and It makes  your room eye catchy.

Buy wall shelves Online
Buy wall shelves Online
  1. Square wooden shelves

A wooden square shelf can be help for represent your achievements , victory trophies,  antique items etc. it extend your wall appearance and It makes  your room looks eye catchy and fantastic with different colors .

Buy wall shelves Online
Buy wall shelves Online
  1. Corner shelves

A corner shelf can cover a corner of your room and make it eye catchy. Corner shelf capable to hold your books, achievements , victory trophies,  antique items etc. it make your empty corner of your room into a usable storage wall.

Buy wall shelves Online
Buy wall shelves Online
  1. Rect-square wooden shelves

These type of shelves includes some rectangle plus square shape shelf of combination. It really looks awesome on your wall in a different shape and color which is available in reasonable rate. It makes your wall fancy and stylish with your decorative stuffs.

Buy wall shelves Online
Buy wall shelves Online
  1. Cubic wall shelves

A cubic wall shelf combo of 3 cube shelf which represents your home decoration stuffs , achievements , victory trophies,  antique items etc.

Buy wall shelves Online
Buy wall shelves Online
  1. Floating wall shelves

A floating shelves make a important role when user wants a strong and long lasting shelf which is made by solid wood material for heavy items, floating shelves capable a maximum weight of your stuffs, items .

  1. Flower pots

Flower pots make your gardening easy and stylish with different colors for your home balcony. It makes  Easy to maintain of  your flowers planting. you can hang these attractive flower pots anywhere in your home . they are coming with steel chain.

  1. Plant buckets

Plant buckets are very fancy and adorable product for your garden and balcony. It holds maximum capacity of soil which make your plant healthy. It represent your gardening style and extends with different colors. Easy to maintain and use.

  1. Plant hangers with steel chain

Plant hangers make your gardening easy and stylish with different colors for your home balcony. It makes  Easy to maintain of  your flowers planting. you can hang these attractive flower pots anywhere in your home . they are coming with combo pots in different colors and designs, steel chain.

  1. Key holders

A wooden key holder use to holds multiple key chains, nail cutters and many more usable items which is very important for your daily use it is very necessary to hang on your bed room wall. Different variety and colors are available in reasonable price.

Premium interiors

Wall shelves for bedroom and wall shelves for living room

  • Organizing the mess of things lying around in the bed room and living room can be a boring lazy task.
  • You can buy rectangle shelves and key holders for your bed room and for living room you should to go with long floating shelves which able to hold easily your TV units and sound system. Buy from our online store because you cannot just stuff things in the cupboard, on a nearby chair, or under the table.
  • Wall shelves are a best and helpful option to store frequently daily usable things.
  • This trick make easy to maintain your stuffs and you don’t have to run around the house in search of misplaced things.
  • You can just place them on the shelf and grab it when needed easy thing.
  • Kitchen wall shelves can help your mother, wife etc by keeping your cups and many other kitchen stuffs, utensils neat and uncluttered while ensuring that everything you want is within easy reach. These are a good option when you want quick access to spice racks or display your excellent shine of your kitchen.
  • Corner shelves are best for empty corners for your living area spaces in rooms that cannot be utilized in any other way. For example, a corner wall shelf in the niche of your living room can be used to keep your books or display antique vases .
  • Floating shelves are gaining popularity among different types of wall shelf design due to their adaptability. When used in small spaces like bathrooms, they create the feeling of space.
  • An asymmetric floating wall shelves design is such that it brings some optical illusion to an otherwise ordinary room.

Decorative Wall Shelves

Walldecore4u  has an exquisite collection of decorative shelves that include corner, square, cube bracket, floating, key holders etc.

Cube wall shelves are available in modern and traditional designs, whereas floating ones feature modern, traditional, freakish, trendy, and worthy wall shelf designs.

These shelves are offered by walldecore4u in various sizes and colors.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose from wall shelves with a single to more than 8 compartments.


By walldecore4u


What are the Advantages of wooden wall shelves?

  • Durability

The shelf durability property of  Solid MDF wood is unbeatable than the rest in class.

A wooden wall shelf can hold your maximum stuffs weights and  represent it in a beautiful way which is guaranteed worth your money with long lasting quality.

You don’t have to change or replace wall shelves in short term period because our shelf quality provide best premium quality shelf with trending and stylish look.

Shelf will serve long-lastingness on heavyweights as well.

  • Classy Look

Wooden wall shelves online available at walldecore4u store in jaipur at reasonable price.

These shelf units always look pleasant and fantastic with colorful designs. It extend your living standard.

The solid MDF wood wall shelves make such a visual that anybody can have their glance glued to them.

The Premium material used in shelves and the layered finish with MDF Coating get a perfect miss for the understated looks of the unit.

  • Customizable

If you want to customize the wall shelf online in jaipur ?

Then walldecore4u  provide the best customization facility online.

You can order your dream wall shelf by tell us your needs and requirement click here.

Most craft makers also offer customization feature to ease buyers in getting their preferred look.

They can get their structure designed as per their requirements.

How do you install wall shelf corners?

You can install wooden shelf corner on wall by putting some inbuilt screw which provides manufacturers in product. There is following easy step which  you can apply are :-

  • Buy any wooden shelves online from walldecore4u.
  • Put your wall shelf on wall where you want to apply your wooden shelf.
  • Screwing up tightly in holes which screw is already given by manufacturers on shelf.
  • Customize according to you and enjoy your wall shelf decoration and feel the coziness of your room.

How to fix and Arrange wall shelves on a wall ?

Arranging the MDF wood wall shelves can also be arrangements done in some creative and decorative ways.

Here are a following  steps to help you to arrange your wall shelf  and might be an excellent fit for your room walls too.

  • Vertically wall Shelves Arrangement :-

Mostly You have seen the wall shelves are horizontal and make a horizontal line through the wall. However, okay lets make your mind think vertically.

A vertical shelf arrangement will highlight your  wall height.

When you have zigzag shelf and leveled floating shelf, then this idea works perfectly to you  makes the most sense full.

wooden  floating Shelves that come apart make an excellent vision of a larger space.

Try to form vertical arrangement shelf for emergency equipment near kitchen that is ideal for your house, between the windows or a released thin wall.

  • As wall rack :-

Build arrangements ledges like  there are available at the hand’s reach.

some built-in wall rack are present in various contemporary house.

If your home doesn’t have them, then fix wooden wall shelves high on the wall of the living room.

Display your framed creative artwork, your achievements and other sundry items on these shelves.

Free space below the upstairs can also be used to install the shelves as the object.

  • Arranging shapeless shelves at different levels :-

A freakish looking arrangement can also freeze the taste of your relatives and guests.

wooden wall shelves with funky patterns and surprised designs at different levels add to the optic interest.

The skewness can be created with the shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

For example, one of the arrangements could be the demonstration of shelves around the wall corners.

Fix and Hang them in a sloping pattern with an offset unit. Include shorter and longer shelves and position them in an odd set.

  • Fix wooden wall shelves in the bathroom :-

Wooden Wall shelves can be used as perfect interior bathroom ledges units when fixed low on the wall.

Place and fix them near the bathtub and display your items

like candles, rolled towels, soaps, shampoos, perfumes, and other body necessary items.

The wood wall shelf is helpful for the kids too as they can easily take and put the stuff.

You can deal with same arrangement in your suitable bed room as well.

Keep your books, magazines, games, cell phones, jugs, night-care lotions, wallets and other odds and ends to have them within your easy reach.

wooden wall shelves together with providing storage, stylish wall mounted shelves also add a touch of coziness  to your home  walldecore in the old days when there were just  old wall rack shelves. nowadays, storage options are available in a various exquisite  of designs for wall shelves.

you can illuminate and put to use the empty wall corner of your house with wooden corner shelves. zigzag shelves, flat shelves, and floating shelves can beautify the look of a blank wall.

these are perfect for keeping books, awards, achievements, showpieces, indoor plants, picture frames, candy jars, and more fancy stuffs.

classy large floating ledges let you keep tv, stereo amplifiers, or sound boxes in your living room with different freakish style.

How to choose best wall shelf?

While choosing a wooden wall shelf for your home, you must pen down following   factors, such as

1.Decide Purpose of Buy wooden wall shelf online

think about what you will use the wall shelf for.

For example, if you want to use it as a bookshelf then you have to purchase heavy solid wood floating shelves it will help you to hold good numbers of  books in your room.

On the other hand, if you want to display your achievements, trophies any other antique items then walldecore4u recommend you to

buy square and rectangle wooden shelves in various different colors and patterns which is going to be used to display curios or photographs, weight-bearing ability may not be a big priority.

2.Different wall shelves in different rooms

Wall shelf designs feature a variety of shapes and innovative ideas such as intersecting square shelves and zigzag wooden corner shelves for your room corner.

Wooden wall shelves with inbuilt screw are a good choice for the simple and freakish looking on your wall. In the kitchen they can also be used to hang cups or ladles for easy access.

  • the furniture decoration style.
  • what you want to store in shelves.
  • the size of the shelf according to your room length.
  • which type of shelf you need.
  • which material you want in the shelf.
  • how many  wooden wall shelves you want to buy number of required racks or shelves?

Go for a shelf made from a quality material that is ideal for your home. You can select from different patterns of wood shelves, and balcony garden products.

If the furniture decor of your house follows a contemporary theme, then mounting screwy designed wooden wall shelves will suits the beauty of your home.

Enjoy our premium quality variants of pine, MDF,  sheesham wood,

wood Furniture, Solid Wood Furniture piece. explore best home

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bookshelf, dining tables, office counters, computer table, recliner chair, sofa sets, dressing tables,

wall shelves for kitchen, cupboards, office tables, office furniture available at

Walldecore4u online store of shopping wall shelves.

our promise

We ensure you with plentiful choices when it comes to the category of wall shelves.

our products range is highly varied and is fabricated to support the requirement of the contemporary home.

For those who prefer traditional styling over everything else,

we present the hex honey wood wall shelf,which is a set of hexagonal pattern

compact shelves offering four and six compartments according to your requirement.

Made from premium quality MDF. The shelf’s classy MDF

finish gives it a simple and labyrinthine look.Another iconic

wall shelf that builds on completely utilizing the vertical space of your wall is the corner floating wall shelf.

Although the styling and design is highly mild, the quality

Pine wood and an exquisite finish along with a popular shelf design makes this one of the preferred wall shelves.

100% satisfaction

We attempt to introduce premium shelves in every category

we include under our gardening product and wall shelves are no exclusionary.

The wooden cube wall shelf is elegant and unusual while the Issue magazine rack relies on modern styling to execute a contemporary design.

You will also enjoy browsing through our selection to find unconventionalpatterns such as the very beautiful designs of wooden wall shelf that on

our online store and highlight your impressive items.

Walldecore4u offers multiple payment options that include cash on delivery,internet banking, online wallets, PayPal, credit or debit cards.

we offer free delivery in Rajasthan and have easy return policies.